ALPR on a Smartphone.

Afritrace ALPR simplifies automatic license plate recognition by using everyday mobile devices as hardware, thus doing away with expensive cameras and servers.

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Afritrace ALPR compared to traditional ALPR

Simple User Interface

Everyone's familiar with mobile oeprating systems. No need to learn any new software.

Fast Deployment

Small and light hardware configurations make installation a breeze.

Unlimited Expansion

Each device hadles it's own computing so no need for server upgrades to add more sites.

Component Based Design

While the core remains constant, Afritrace ALPR can be configured for a number of different scenarious.

Android OS

Receive all the latest security and feature updates through the Android OS.

All Inclusive Pricing

The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden costs or fees.

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Commercial Applications

These are a few commercial applications for Afritrace ALPR. If you don't see you're needs addressed below, please contact us for a personalised assessment.

Secured Estates

Combine license plate recognition with your existing secutiy to add another level of security.

Paid Parkades

Do away with ticketing systems by billing clients to their number plates.

Area Watches

PAssively scan vehicles and get alerts when suspicious or unknown vehicles are identified.

Vehicle Tracking

Track when vehicles enter or exit a premises, helping in managing efficiencies.


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Software only


We'll supply you with the software necessary to capture license plates, you supply the hardware. Up to 10 unique license plates for alerts.

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All inclusive


We supply both hardware and software. Up to 50 unique license plates for alerts.

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For anything above our all inclisve package we offer customised solutions starting at R999.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Will the app detect any license plate?

in short, yes it will.

The optical character recognition algorithm is set to detect all South African license plates (standard and personalised) as well as government, police and beurocratic.

Currently we're only supporting South African license plates. If you've got a unique application for character recognition, we'd be happy to have a look.

The app fully supports Android devices Oreo and newer. The app has minimum hardware requirements that are satisfied by most Android Oreo devices and newer. We unfortunately do not support iOS with no immediate intentions of supporting iOS.

The app itself is free of charge and can be found on the Google Play Store. The backend services however come at a fee.

We're always available by mail, contact any team member and we'll do our best to assist.

Traditional style ALPR cameras can be expensive to purchase and deploy. We've found that smartphones are overall a more cost effective option.

We're waiting to hear from you

We're excited to find oppurtunities where Afritrace ALPR can improve your business.

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